This Meditation will TRANSFORM Your Emotional-Set Point WARNING THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

This Meditation will TRANSFORM Your Emotional-Set Point WARNING THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

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This video will show you a Meditation that will TRANSFORM Your Emotional-Set Point WARNING. Transcript below....

In this video, I'm going to be sharing with you a meditation that will transform your emotional set point. I'm going to share with you some ideas that can totally change the game as well as that meditation that will help you do that. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I know expand their consciousness. Now this video I'm going to be sharing with you that meditation that will help to really change your emotional set point so that you start to perceive and feel like you're in a higher vibration and also understanding that maybe normally our emotions are like this, like we have our highs, we have our lows, and it goes like this. There's a whole nother level that when you start to exist in that level of consciousness, you'll realize that your highs are much better and your lows are maybe where your highs are right now.

This is what emotional transformation is and this is something that honestly I went through years ago. This is back in 2012. Now, before I say that, let me say the style of this video is that I'm going to be explaining these ideas in the beginning that helped to wire this idea in and then at the end we're going to do the meditation that will help to solidify everything so that learning becomes more of an interactive experience rather than learning just be something that's like in the head, something that we think about theoretically. So with that, back in 2012, I went through a spiritual awakening and this is when my whole entire life changed because I used to feel like on a scale if we had a scale of one feeling not great at all, all the way up to 10, 10 feeling amazing on that scale. My set point where I was consistently was between a three to a five, I would feel three was feeling anxiety was feeling like I wasn't enough, was feeling a little bit depressed, not knowing my purpose, and then a five would be like something happened on the outside.

Like something happened wasn't necessarily internally something that came about from the inside. It was something that something happened and I was like, oh, this is great. Maybe a friend would come over, a friend was in town or something like that. Then I would feel like it was at a five, but then when something would that Fred would leave, then it would go back to about a three to four on average. Now what happened was is I felt anxiety and I felt a lot of anger mainly because of my childhood that I went through. It was kind of like repressed inside of me even though I wasn't consciously always aware of it. I noticed that I felt that inside of me on a majority of basis. I also had something that is called Adhd, which is something that I was diagnosed with a doctor from, so they prescribed me adderall and I would take adderall everyday so that I could focus because at the time I worked at nordstrom selling woman's shoes, so it was hard for me to focus because I had to focus on helping people, helping customers, and my energy was just so old all over the place.

Like, I've always been allowed person, but this was like, I was just like obnoxious. Like I remember I would walk around work always clapping my hands and I was always kind of like saying things to customers and I like to have fun, but at the same time it was, it was definitely overboard and I definitely see how it wasn't very grounded. Now that I look back. So what happened was, is I felt that anxiety, I felt that ungroundedness, um, the side effects of adderall or you don't eat very much, you don't sleep very much. So because of that there were negative side effects. So what I did is I went online and I looked up and found that there were other ways of healing adhd and one of them was meditation and have first meditation to me didn't really resonate as like meditation. That sounds like something I'm not really going to be into.

So it was almost kind of by accident because in a way I just like, you know, what, what do I got to lose? That's kind of my idea is like what do I have to lose? And then what I did is I simply started to meditate on the first day. Nothing crazy really happened. I did get to more of a, uh, more of a, like a present state, but it was nothing crazy because I was trying to control my thoughts. And that...

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This video is about This Meditation will TRANSFORM Your Emotional-Set Point WARNING


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