Autogenic Training with all the Basic Formulas – Guided Relaxation

Autogenic Training with all the Basic Formulas – Guided Relaxation

Please read the discription with helpful instructions for practicing AT before you start! Autogenic training was developed by J.H. Schultz in the 20s and is a traditional and widespread form of self-hypnosis. In advanced training, it is not necessary to repeat every formula 6 times. So here every formula is repeated 3 times. The peace formula is repeated at the beginning and between the other formulas once.
This manual is for the daily practice and helps to reduce stress and is suitable for an advanced basic level. But also many beginners confirm that this guide will help them to relax deeply. For the practice before you go to sleep please use the "Autogenic Training - A guided Relaxation for a deep and restful sleep"
It consists of the following exercises:

As you practice, try to combine phrases with images. This will help a lot to create the feeling of heaviness, warmth and relaxation. Every image that you find relaxing is helpful.

1. Heaviness Formula
"My arms and legs are heavy"
e.g. Imagine that you are ten times heavier then normal.
2. Warmth Formula
"My arms and legs are pleasently warm"
e.g. Imagine that you take a sun bath. Warm sun rays caress your body. Feel
the warmth spreading through your arms into your hands and through your
legs into the feet
3. Heart Formula (just feel your heartbeat)
4. Breathing Formula
"My breathing is slow and regular"
e.g. Imagine that your breathing is like a gentle breeze,
which smooths the troubled Sea
5. Solar Plexus Formula
"My Solar Plexus is warm"
e.g. Imagine that there´s a glowing sun in the center of
your body. Feel the energy and the warmth of the sun.
6. Cool Forehead Formula
"My Forehead is pleasently cool and relaxed"
e.g. Imagine that a gentle cool breeze caresses your

Cancelling is necessary!

"Arms firm, Breathe deeply, Open eyes"
Bend your arms vigorously, then breathe deeply and open your eyes.

Best wishes & Love, Anke

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